Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Diva challenge Monday November 7, 2011

This weeks challenge is to honour Canada's Remembrance Day. They honour the Fallen soldiers on Nov 11. USA Honors the Armed Forces Veterans in November as well. Canada's remembrance day uses the poppy as a symbol.
In looking and trying to decide how to do this challenge, brings back floods of memories for me. For one, the big red poppies that grew along the side of my childhood home. I used to get into tons of trouble as a child with those big red flowers. they were so enticing and I picked so many that I am still wondering how they still grew more each year. The pods that grew before the flower popped open were quite intriguing to me as well. My mother would get after me for picking her poppies as well as irises, roses, lilacs, buttercups and honeysuckle...oh yea the pussy willows as well. My mother loved flowers and had quite the array in our yard. but thinking back, I can understand why, my grandparents grew flowers by the grundles. They had an acre of land that had flowers, trees, and the most delicious garden I remember, so it stands to reason that my mother would have them in our yard as well. So, In doing this challenge, I dedicate it to the many flowers grown by mothers everywhere, and the childhood memories they incur.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Diva is having a big giveaway


link over to see what and how you can join the giveaway.

diva challenge~ halloween themed zia

so this week the challenge was to do a ZIA that has a Halloween theme. Well. i had already started a tangle using Halibaugh only with curvy lines and I just kept turning my tile..and i hadnt quite finished it when this challenge came out so I knew what i had to do to finish..I embellished with halloween items and added everything behind the curvy lines. enjoy!!
I hope everyone had a safe and fun halloween.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Thirty One Gifts.

I love purses and bags and totes. Oh MY!.
I found a company that I just love and I want to share. I am trying to earn to get my kit so I can start selling the product.
The company is Thirty One Gifts.
I am doing an online catalog party. to view the complete catalog go to

for the month of November for every $31 you spend you can get the Little Carry all caddy(itme 3401) for $1. this sells for $12 regular. it can be found on page 36.
the orders that are placed for me, will go towards me earning my kit so I can become a consultant. So please feel free to pass the word. you can email me at
if you have nay questions. Thanks bunches!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

I am puzzled about Punzel!

I had a hard time with this weeks diva challenge. Punzel. wow. I fell into a deep horrific well and felt like i couldn't get this one right. I know there are no mistakes with "Zentangle" but i mistaked all over the place.. but I pulled up mu big girl panties and am posting this one anyway. i do not fell good about this one. Inferior is more like it.
So..with that in mind..I present to you my version of punzel..

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Diva challenge: Sunflower

I so love sunflowers. they are in my house and all over in my community. They are bright and beautiful.
This weeks challenge is to create a ZIA using sunflowers in honor of the South Africa Bone Marrow Registry for Lukemia patients. Also South Africa had Bandans Day on Oct 12. Soo, I used this as my inspiration.. I am creating my own bandana with sunflowers. (not yet finished but showing the main part of it here)
I plan on adding several more sunflowers all over the material. I found some fabric markers put out by Sharpie that I used.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

HOPE ~ Diva challenge, not such a challenge more like life

yea so Hope is like an everyday thing. We all have hopes of every shape and size. for multitudes of reasons, each and everyday of our lives.
This week Our lovely Diva gave us the challenge to create with our version of Hope. so since she brought up that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, it hit home..REALLY hit home.
My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer 18 years ago, she had a lumpectomy, then it reoccurred and she ended up having a mastectomy. For multitudes of health issues, she passed in 2005. I am sure that cancer did play its role but not the full reason for her passing..I miss her so much. Then 2 years ago, by beautiful sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has just recently been given an all clear for now and is currently cancer free. YAY!!!
With lots of prayers and love and tons of HOPE she has made it so far and is doing wonderfully...
Sooo...I dedicate my ZIA to my mother and my sister. May we have enough Hope and love for everyone in our loves to make is just one more day,each and every day of our lives.
( I know this isn't a tangle but I want to share)

(guilty of using Google to look up BC ribbon icons. I found these and redid them myself so these are not my own designs. unfortunately I cannot give proper credit to who they belong to but just so you know they are not my own..)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

More Tangling!!

Each month, our local CZT Melinda Barlow teaches Zentangles at our local library.. We started out with just a handful of us. We have been growing and even the young ones are getting excited about it. Only after two classes we even had one young girl who drew her own fairies and tangled them. Her name is Kandi, She gave me permission to post them here. I was so excited that I wanted to share with my blog friends. You will love them too.

Adorable, aren't they?!?!?!

Now some more. I am sorry. I forgot to get names of these tanglers, but I had to share them.

map found off Internet and tangled!

book marks!

our tanglers!!

I recently found some fabric markers by Sharpie and wanted to play with them. I found these Canvas bags. Awwwww a blank canvas!!!(pun intended).
I am hoping I can get some more done and try selling them..

front..this one is mine..You have to look real close to see my initials J B


Oh yea. I have been using my markers so much that I think i even have to go purchase some more, These are wonderful . I am even going to buy some t Shirts to work on.......
give new meaning to the T in tshirt.......

Friday, September 16, 2011

My Memories Digital Scrapbook Software Giveaway Winner!!!

Today is Friday September 16, 2011.
 And as promised I am announcing that the winner of the My Memories digitatl scarpbook software is Vallyn Willden!!!
congratulations Vallyn.
I will send you a message to give you instructions on how to claim your prize.
Happy Scrapbooking!!
and if anyone else is interested in purcahsing the software please send them my way I have a special for anyone I send to recieve a discount. i am going to get that up here this weekend.
Once again congratualtions Vallyn!!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Digital Scrapbook Software giveaway

Hi gang!!
I have recently received an awesome opportunity that I get to share with all of you. One lucky person will win My Memories software digital scrapnook software.
Please take a look at their site and then come back and tell me which digital paper pack or layout you liked. this will enter you into the contest.

For extra entries you may also follow My Memories on their Facebook, Twitter or blog.
Be sure to tell them that The Bird House sent you.
Then make sure you come back and tell me which ones you are following.

5x7 card / drag and drop pictures and you're done
how easy is that!?!?!

A winner will be randomly chosen and results will be posted On Friday Sept 16, 2011.
The winner will then have 24 hours to contact me to claim your prize.
Good luck and
Happy scrapping!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Diva challenge "Pair of ducks" (Paradox)

Well. I have finally finished AND posted a challenge..This hasn't happened in awhile.. I have finished several challenges but too lazy to post them.

Paradox I think I love you.
At first I was afraid of you, but you have turned me around and I can be ok with you now. YAY

Monday, August 1, 2011

Week 33 challenge Pendrills

 I am looking forward to actually getting back into the challenges. I can't wait to try Pendrills. It looks like this one can be fun to work with and to work around and through and between and beyond..well you get the idea. Now..to get on with my challenge tile. better get on it so i can add it before the time limit this week. Good luck everyone!! cant wait to see what everyone comes up with.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Diva weekly challenge #32

WOW. I bit late on this one, but let me explain...
This weekend was our county fair. Our local CZT was teaching zentangle at the make and take booth. I was there assisting and we had a great time.  We also meet once a month at our local library. One of my gal friends will never post any of her tiles. She seems to think that she isnt good enough. ..well..I convinced her to let me take this one and post it. and she agreed. The great think is that her mother and sister also both agreed to let me post theirs. as well, we had the grandson of our CZT participate. They also agreed to let me send the tiles to Carole as well. This is so great.  SO..without further adue...I, happily submit our tiles.
My first tile on the new black tiles..I am so loving these black tiles.
This tile is by Ryan Mann. he is 12 years old. he is the grandson of our CZT Melinda Barlow, here in Vernal , Utah.

Tile by Vallyn Willden.
This gal pal of mine..well..she has issues with thinking she isn't good enough to share..I think she is wrong..how about you??

this is all of our tiles together. Everyone agreed to let me post and to send them to Carole Ohl for her project.

Tile by Danielle Hutshinson.
this is her first entry in the weekly challenge.

Tile by Yvetter Thomas.
Also her first entry in the weekly challenge.
this is a picture of the girls doing their tiles. Yvette, in red closest to camera on bottom right, Daniell in purple next to her, and Vallyn right across from Danielle. (no names for the other ladies in the picture, they had stopped to learn zentangle.

I decided to enter a few of my own ZIA in the county fair. I won red ribbons on both of these. Hmm maybe blue ribbon for next year.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Mater is alive and well in Utah

I love Mater!! He was hanging out at one of the local movie theatres for the opening of Cars 2.
I thought I'd share with you all...
Have a great weekend my dear tangle friends

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I am back! Onto the next challenge. Zendala's

I have been doing the weekly challenges,, But really ..my books and tiles are downstairs and the computer is upstairs..just to lazy to make the transition to get them up to the computer to scan so Ican post. This weeks challenge, I happen to be at the computer and printed the template.I was having one of my insomniac moments so i took out my colored pencils and did this weeks challenge right at my computer desk. And Wahlah!!! I can scan it as well. Sooooo...... without further Adeu.....
May I present...
                     my Zendala....

I started out with the template for the 3" size. butleft it on the full 8x10 sheet . not knowing where it was going to take me, I drew.....When it was done, i felt liek it wasn't finished, so..Mooka joined in and gave it the finish i felt it needed....I love Mooka!!!!!!


Graduation 2011

WHEW! We survived, not only did my baby graduate from high school, he also graduated from the local TEchnical College with a welding certificate.
(pics lt to rt: Myself, my son and my husband, My son's high school graduation photo, my son with his college welding instructor).
The great thing about all of this that he can go on and look for a welding job right out of high school, instead of having to go to college now. i so wish Ihad these kinds of opportunites while Iwas in high school..I am so very proud of my son. he is awesome and i wish him the best in wherever life take him.
My congradulations to everyone who graduted in 2011. WOOOHOOOO!!!!

The art of Zentangle - Vernal.com - The Vernal Express

So, here in good 'ol Vernal Utah, our local CZT holds a group get together once a month at the local library. The local newspaper comes out once a week on Wednesdays. a few months ago a reporter came to one of our groups and took pictures and interviewed several of us. I had actually almost forgotten about it until the paper came out today and I saw my tangle on the front page. We also have an online epaper. And guess what ?.... the article is there as well, so i wanted to share it.
Click on the link and it will take you right to it.(ans yes they spelled my name wrong, but that's ok. I am used to it)
The art of Zentangle - Vernal.com - The Vernal Express

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Where have I been??????

Oh the horrors of life. LOL
I have been doing each weeks Diva challenge,,then I get lazy and forget to post them. Well, here is the lazy part.... My drawing stuff is downstairs and the computer is upstairs...when I go up, I forget or too lazy to carry, the stuff upstairs to the computer so I can download. So one day this week I plan on adding All of the challenges I have missed again. The sad thing it is Wednesday and I haven;t even looked at this weeks challenge yet!! BAD ME!!!!!! Well. my life has been turned upside down these past few weeks. I am getting ready for a high school graduation and we also found out that my son will also participate in the Technical College graduation and besides his high school diploma, he will be receiving his Welding Certificate from the Technical College. so my son will graduate from high school with a college degree as well. What a great way to end his high school experience. But the even better part is that he actually finished all of his credits two months ago and was actually able to graduate high school early. so he has been working full time since February. Makes a  mother proud. I am so happy. Now the sad part...he is my only child and this also means that he if growing up. And with all that.. in reality could be leaving the nest...(pun intended since our last name is Bird). That is  the part that I don't want to see,,yet, but I know will happen. I do want to see him succeed, but I also don't want him to leave. Aw the torment of being a close family.
Well, enough I my ranting for today.
I will be posting my missing tangles here in the next few days.
I do want to tell everyone that I have enjoyed all of your work as well. and I really do find it inspirational to see everyone else's twist on each weeks challenge. I have enjoyed becoming a part of this tangle community and the friendships we have created.  Thanks all for sharing.
Until next time my friends

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Week #14 challenge Walk the line!

This week
 The Diva challenged us to create
a ZIA using only straight lines....
no curvies, curlicues, circles, wavy anythings..
One would think!!!
I had to actually think about it a little.
Thinking made my head hurt
I just drew......
this is what happened!!
I had to look at it from all angles
 and as I did...
I saw what looks to me like a mask.
I usually do not "name" my tangles,
 but this one I did


Wouldn't you like to wear this one to a party!?!?!?!?

I hope you enjoy!
Happy tangling!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

left is not always right

I did it.
I finished.
It isn't pretty, by far...but not as bad as when I first started.
So there you have it..Non dominate drawing. shakey lines and all.
and this week made me realize just how much we get ourselves in a rut in our lives and how much we rely on our dominate hands to work and do everyday things. and just how hard it is to make a change when we are used to doing things a certain way. 
I failed miserably at trying to do things with my non dominate hand..simply because I am right handed and ..well that's it. my right hand does it better.  

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

nothing comfortable about coming out of the comfort zone.

Ok...I did it!! I used my non dominate hand to....pet my cat!!lol really..that is the best I have done so far this week.  I really didn't realize just how much we are in a rut when it comes to useing dominate hands to do every day things. It is more difficult than it seems.
The more I try to come out of my comfort zone the harder it becomes. I have been thinking alot about this.

I reach for my remote control with my left hand.....then....take it into my right hand!
Even as I have been working on my tile for this weeks challenge, I take my pen into my left hand, I start a pattern, look at it and then try to "fix" it using my right hand. Well that's not going to cut it now. We cannot have any of that no, can we? Oh my!

It is amazing just how much we rely on our own dominance and the way things work for us. If it doesn't work, we won't do it. So I am going to consciuosly make an effort to comeout of my comfort zone once in awhile..Like pet my cat with my left hand a little more..hahaha

well I think I have almst finished my tile for this challenge so I will be posting it soon.
I just had to rant a little.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Out of my comfort zone

Really trying hard to come out of my comfort zone and go forward with the Diva's challenge this week to use non dominate hand. I even tried it while at work last night..that didn't last long. I hadn't really thought much about it durin the evening until I was vacuuming the lobby. And i started thinking.."What am I doing? I could really try this here and now." So instead of vacuuming with my right(dominate) hand, I started to use my left hand. Well that lasted..oh maybe two seconds. I subconsiously reverted back to my normality and finished doing it the way I normally do. Then I realized what I had done and failed miserably at keeping to my self challenge of trying to use my non dominate hand. I have decided that I can never break my right arm because i cant use my left too well. This morning, I have tried to begin my ZIA. And ... well....that started out so great. I used my right hand to draw the box. but I did stop myself and used my left to draw the string and I did succeed at filling in two small...(very small) areas before I stopped and now I am whining a little. I do, however. like the wavy lines that I produced, without even trying.
So, for now I am sitting here staring at my pen ad tile. Wondering if I will finish this challenge. i find it extremely difficult to grasp the pen, then to try to do any pattern..well..that is almost worse.
I will plug on..this one may take me all week. I am struggling to do this weeks challenge.
 but I will persevere and see what I end with.
Happy Tangling.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Week 13 challenge~ using non dominate hand

Ok Diva.. really gone out on the crazy train with this one.
This weeks challenge is to create the tangle using your non-dominate hand...wiggly lines and oval circles and all that craziness. Ummm.....this is going to be interesting. Seeing the few that have posted already, i can do this.

So, makes ya think...just how much of our lives we can interchange and go out of our comfort zones for?
Thats it...go out of your comfort zone for once. Make life interesting and change it up. Yea, that's what this is about..change it up a bit and make it interesting. Surprise yourself with what you can do if you really put your mind(and heart) into it. So with all that..I am off to use my non dominate hand to make me some lunch and give it a try at my ZIA. This should be interestin. We'll see what this week brings as I try this in many other aspects of my world as I think about this weeks challenge, I am going to challenge myself to use my non dominate hand at other things outside my comfort zone.

Will report my findings later.....until then......Keep it real. and keep smiling. :~)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Add Blue ~ Diva challenge week#12/ monotangle week#11

OK OK!! I am a bit slow, I know, but I have many, many excuses...
I did have my tangle for week 11(monotangle) Use the same pattern. I just failed to post it last week. The weird thing is that I just happened to have done it in blue(week12 add blue).So maybe, just maybe, I wasn't supposed to post it last week and wait for this weeks challenge.
The first image I used a new tangle i had just seen, Florez.
My black pen was running out, so I used my blue pen. As I was starting to shade it, something miraculous happened...the blue ink from the pen started to shade, so i quit using the pencil and finished .Then I thought, this doesn't really emulate the challenge. I was supposed to use a string and do the same pattern in all of the different spaces.So I used Purk as the next tile. or at least my attempt at it. i think its wrong, but it turned out anyway. then just to amuse myself and simply because i like this pattern, I made a third tile using Bales. All three were done in blue because my black is running out. And all three were supposed to bee for week 11 challenge. So now I just accomplished weeks 11 and 12 at once without knowing at the time what week 12 would be.
Personally, I like Florez(first tile) the best. it reminds me of sand dollars. and I liked how it all turned out. The third tile(Bales) was done on art paper so the blue shading didn't work out as well as it does on the actual Zentangle tiles.
(a hint:.. i shaded while the ink was still a little wet)


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Week 10 challenge~ The space between

this week I am the Diva challenged us to be more aware of the spce between and to NOT fill up every single space on our tiles. Really????I have to leave space.???? this was hard for me. I see my page and want to fill it up. I am guilty of  this. I really had a hard time stopping in this one.
This was created as a wedding gift for my niece who is getting remarried this summer. She will be blending famliies. I am going to add their names then I am cutting it down and matting it then will frame it. So, yes I will be adding more but only a name on the edge of each heart.


I am sooo ready for spring..can you tell?

Sorry about the picture ..not the best quality..but you get the idea.

Our local librarian,Melinda, is  a CZT and we get together once a month to zentangle. I am so ready for spring that I suggested we make flowers. I created this boquet as a sample platter to show what you can do while zentangling.
We used each petal as the string and Melinda showed us a new pattern for each petal.
I love to zentangle and it was great to share with the other ladies. Each one did a wonderful job(even if they don't think they did). I really hope we can get more out for the next group get together.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Diva challenge Week#9 "Artoo"

I am slow at posting this weeks challenge.And boy was it a challenge for me. I had a hard time with this one. I could not make it look right. I felt like it kept looking like a very messy child drawing..scribbles so to speak. but I kept plugging a long and I think finally made something worth posting.
I did one little tile first.and then kept going.
I traced tiles into my drawing book and had six on a page...not really going anywhere I started with my first tile. Trying to get this Artoo looking right. then I remembered a quote I had seen in the past and felt that it fit.

I am feeling very sentimental anyway.You see I have a son who is a senior in high school this year. He has grown up way to fast. He came to us a few weeks ago with his idea that he felt ready to move on..this I mean, he had earned enough credits to graduate. Oh my! I am feeling overwhelmed now.  My only child will graduate a whole 3months early from high school. He is done from high school on the 25th of February.
So I guess this weeks challenge is sort of a tribute to my "baby".

Saturday, February 12, 2011


A few weeks ago, my sister and brother in law had to make a very hard choice. They have this beautiful furry friend (American Eskimo dog).Her name is Juno.
 She had been ill for some time and she was having difficulties, so they had to let her go be at peace. This was very difficult fo them. Juno had been their family for 15 years. And She was one spoiled pooch!
We all loved Juno. She will be missed very much. I made this piece in her memory.
                     Be at peace Juno!
.You will be missed and we love you and will always have you in our hearts.

Week #8 challenge-hearts

WOW! I am finally adding my submission to this weeks challenge. And challenge it was. I initially started with 2 strings and used Ixorus and orbs, starry eyed.And then of course I added Breathe, Smile, Relax Of course there is probably some simplicity as well. . Each time I felt like I was finished, I would walk away and when I came back to it I would have to add more and then more...and then more..and then...well..you're getting the idea. I couldn't do this on a little 3x3 tile. I had sooo much love to give that I had to do this on 8x10 paper.
I had to stop because I was running out of white space...
But, I am done.I will add no more(maybe).And this is my heart +

Friday, February 11, 2011

Zentangle flowers

Center pieces I made for a bridal shower of a good friend of mine
I created this wedding cake out of bath towels, hand towels and washcloths and decorated it with silk flowers and zentangled flowers.
I took two bath towels and folder them in half lenghtwise then in half again and started rolling the first towel then overlapped the second one and continued rolling. I secured it with a ribbon.  The next layer was two hand towels that I rolled the same way. I took a styrofoam ring and wrapped ribbon around it and placed in on top then fan folded the washcloths and placed them inside the ring. I then added the silk flowers and the zentangle flowers(previous post) to decorate the whole cake. The cake is very easy to disassemble so that all components are usable.
It was a great centerpices and gift as well.
The zentangle flowers I created by making six designs then photo copying them to the amount I needed. I cut them out and attached them to pipe cleaner. real easy to do.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Week #8 Challenge

Well, it seems that this weeks challenge will be "heart''felt as we tangle away. The challenge is to combine two of the previous challenges and add hearts. This will be wonderful to see all of the different interpretations. I am amazed at the differences, yet so many seem to gravitate towards a common design or theme. Last week especially seemed that most of us went in a very similar direction.
This week I am very sure that we all have the same goal..to know that our little tiny friend is getting better and with so many of us sending our prayers and heartfelt love, he will be on the mend and back home soon.
So I am dedicating my tangle this week to our little friend Artoo!!!
This one will be for you. Be well little man!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

these are some more zentangles I created.
The first picture is the new struzzle.
The next one is a challenge that the local czt gave at the county fair. make a string then do the same tangle in each space. this one was kind of fun to see just how different it can be yet the same...

third is my original desing for the challenge "Orbs". I didn't really like it for the challenge, but decided to add it here.
fourth: these two are inspired by some catalog pictures. they are a wall hanging and a clock, I recreated as a tangle.
fifth: Ixorus...this is what I did at the local library zentangle group last week.
last: I made these flowers, there are six designs. I photo copied them, cut them out and glued to pipe cleaner to make flowers. I used them as a cake topper for a friends briadal shower. they were the hit of the party. but silly me..i forgot to take pictures of the creation.

well..there you have it.. this is at this point all of my zentangles or zentangle inspired creations.
feel free to use any of these designs as inpsiration for you. and I do give my permission to copy any you  wish for your own use.