Sunday, July 31, 2011

Diva weekly challenge #32

WOW. I bit late on this one, but let me explain...
This weekend was our county fair. Our local CZT was teaching zentangle at the make and take booth. I was there assisting and we had a great time.  We also meet once a month at our local library. One of my gal friends will never post any of her tiles. She seems to think that she isnt good enough. ..well..I convinced her to let me take this one and post it. and she agreed. The great think is that her mother and sister also both agreed to let me post theirs. as well, we had the grandson of our CZT participate. They also agreed to let me send the tiles to Carole as well. This is so great.  SO..without further adue...I, happily submit our tiles.
My first tile on the new black tiles..I am so loving these black tiles.
This tile is by Ryan Mann. he is 12 years old. he is the grandson of our CZT Melinda Barlow, here in Vernal , Utah.

Tile by Vallyn Willden.
This gal pal of mine..well..she has issues with thinking she isn't good enough to share..I think she is about you??

this is all of our tiles together. Everyone agreed to let me post and to send them to Carole Ohl for her project.

Tile by Danielle Hutshinson.
this is her first entry in the weekly challenge.

Tile by Yvetter Thomas.
Also her first entry in the weekly challenge.
this is a picture of the girls doing their tiles. Yvette, in red closest to camera on bottom right, Daniell in purple next to her, and Vallyn right across from Danielle. (no names for the other ladies in the picture, they had stopped to learn zentangle.

I decided to enter a few of my own ZIA in the county fair. I won red ribbons on both of these. Hmm maybe blue ribbon for next year.