Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Add Blue ~ Diva challenge week#12/ monotangle week#11

OK OK!! I am a bit slow, I know, but I have many, many excuses...
I did have my tangle for week 11(monotangle) Use the same pattern. I just failed to post it last week. The weird thing is that I just happened to have done it in blue(week12 add blue).So maybe, just maybe, I wasn't supposed to post it last week and wait for this weeks challenge.
The first image I used a new tangle i had just seen, Florez.
My black pen was running out, so I used my blue pen. As I was starting to shade it, something miraculous happened...the blue ink from the pen started to shade, so i quit using the pencil and finished .Then I thought, this doesn't really emulate the challenge. I was supposed to use a string and do the same pattern in all of the different spaces.So I used Purk as the next tile. or at least my attempt at it. i think its wrong, but it turned out anyway. then just to amuse myself and simply because i like this pattern, I made a third tile using Bales. All three were done in blue because my black is running out. And all three were supposed to bee for week 11 challenge. So now I just accomplished weeks 11 and 12 at once without knowing at the time what week 12 would be.
Personally, I like Florez(first tile) the best. it reminds me of sand dollars. and I liked how it all turned out. The third tile(Bales) was done on art paper so the blue shading didn't work out as well as it does on the actual Zentangle tiles.
(a hint:.. i shaded while the ink was still a little wet)



  1. These are great! Who knew you could read Laura's mind and foresee the next challenge? *G* I, too, love your first tile best; don't know why exactly, just do!

  2. These are great - I love the first one too - it looks like a sliced apple tangle - tapples maybe, LOL!

  3. Another Zentangle mystery tour! Funny how things work out right in the end. Great tangling.

  4. It's funny how that happened! :)
    I think I like your second one the best, I can't put my finger on why, it just appeals to me the most. They are all great though!

  5. I like the first one too, but love the "draping" look of the Bales!!

  6. Of course this was meant to be! I love the shading, the blue and the greys. A delight to see all 3 experimentations.

  7. Thank you all for your comments. I really am so glad to have these challenges to exchange ideas and friendships too.