Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Week #14 challenge Walk the line!

This week
 The Diva challenged us to create
a ZIA using only straight lines....
no curvies, curlicues, circles, wavy anythings..
One would think!!!
I had to actually think about it a little.
Thinking made my head hurt
I just drew......
this is what happened!!
I had to look at it from all angles
 and as I did...
I saw what looks to me like a mask.
I usually do not "name" my tangles,
 but this one I did


Wouldn't you like to wear this one to a party!?!?!?!?

I hope you enjoy!
Happy tangling!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

left is not always right

I did it.
I finished.
It isn't pretty, by far...but not as bad as when I first started.
So there you have it..Non dominate drawing. shakey lines and all.
and this week made me realize just how much we get ourselves in a rut in our lives and how much we rely on our dominate hands to work and do everyday things. and just how hard it is to make a change when we are used to doing things a certain way. 
I failed miserably at trying to do things with my non dominate hand..simply because I am right handed and ..well that's it. my right hand does it better.  

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

nothing comfortable about coming out of the comfort zone.

Ok...I did it!! I used my non dominate hand my cat!!lol really..that is the best I have done so far this week.  I really didn't realize just how much we are in a rut when it comes to useing dominate hands to do every day things. It is more difficult than it seems.
The more I try to come out of my comfort zone the harder it becomes. I have been thinking alot about this.

I reach for my remote control with my left hand.....then....take it into my right hand!
Even as I have been working on my tile for this weeks challenge, I take my pen into my left hand, I start a pattern, look at it and then try to "fix" it using my right hand. Well that's not going to cut it now. We cannot have any of that no, can we? Oh my!

It is amazing just how much we rely on our own dominance and the way things work for us. If it doesn't work, we won't do it. So I am going to consciuosly make an effort to comeout of my comfort zone once in awhile..Like pet my cat with my left hand a little more..hahaha

well I think I have almst finished my tile for this challenge so I will be posting it soon.
I just had to rant a little.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Out of my comfort zone

Really trying hard to come out of my comfort zone and go forward with the Diva's challenge this week to use non dominate hand. I even tried it while at work last night..that didn't last long. I hadn't really thought much about it durin the evening until I was vacuuming the lobby. And i started thinking.."What am I doing? I could really try this here and now." So instead of vacuuming with my right(dominate) hand, I started to use my left hand. Well that lasted..oh maybe two seconds. I subconsiously reverted back to my normality and finished doing it the way I normally do. Then I realized what I had done and failed miserably at keeping to my self challenge of trying to use my non dominate hand. I have decided that I can never break my right arm because i cant use my left too well. This morning, I have tried to begin my ZIA. And ... well....that started out so great. I used my right hand to draw the box. but I did stop myself and used my left to draw the string and I did succeed at filling in two small...(very small) areas before I stopped and now I am whining a little. I do, however. like the wavy lines that I produced, without even trying.
So, for now I am sitting here staring at my pen ad tile. Wondering if I will finish this challenge. i find it extremely difficult to grasp the pen, then to try to do any pattern..well..that is almost worse.
I will plug on..this one may take me all week. I am struggling to do this weeks challenge.
 but I will persevere and see what I end with.
Happy Tangling.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Week 13 challenge~ using non dominate hand

Ok Diva.. really gone out on the crazy train with this one.
This weeks challenge is to create the tangle using your non-dominate hand...wiggly lines and oval circles and all that craziness. Ummm.....this is going to be interesting. Seeing the few that have posted already, i can do this.

So, makes ya think...just how much of our lives we can interchange and go out of our comfort zones for?
Thats it...go out of your comfort zone for once. Make life interesting and change it up. Yea, that's what this is about..change it up a bit and make it interesting. Surprise yourself with what you can do if you really put your mind(and heart) into it. So with all that..I am off to use my non dominate hand to make me some lunch and give it a try at my ZIA. This should be interestin. We'll see what this week brings as I try this in many other aspects of my world as I think about this weeks challenge, I am going to challenge myself to use my non dominate hand at other things outside my comfort zone.

Will report my findings later.....until then......Keep it real. and keep smiling. :~)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Add Blue ~ Diva challenge week#12/ monotangle week#11

OK OK!! I am a bit slow, I know, but I have many, many excuses...
I did have my tangle for week 11(monotangle) Use the same pattern. I just failed to post it last week. The weird thing is that I just happened to have done it in blue(week12 add blue).So maybe, just maybe, I wasn't supposed to post it last week and wait for this weeks challenge.
The first image I used a new tangle i had just seen, Florez.
My black pen was running out, so I used my blue pen. As I was starting to shade it, something miraculous happened...the blue ink from the pen started to shade, so i quit using the pencil and finished .Then I thought, this doesn't really emulate the challenge. I was supposed to use a string and do the same pattern in all of the different spaces.So I used Purk as the next tile. or at least my attempt at it. i think its wrong, but it turned out anyway. then just to amuse myself and simply because i like this pattern, I made a third tile using Bales. All three were done in blue because my black is running out. And all three were supposed to bee for week 11 challenge. So now I just accomplished weeks 11 and 12 at once without knowing at the time what week 12 would be.
Personally, I like Florez(first tile) the best. it reminds me of sand dollars. and I liked how it all turned out. The third tile(Bales) was done on art paper so the blue shading didn't work out as well as it does on the actual Zentangle tiles.
(a hint:.. i shaded while the ink was still a little wet)