Saturday, October 8, 2011

HOPE ~ Diva challenge, not such a challenge more like life

yea so Hope is like an everyday thing. We all have hopes of every shape and size. for multitudes of reasons, each and everyday of our lives.
This week Our lovely Diva gave us the challenge to create with our version of Hope. so since she brought up that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, it hit home..REALLY hit home.
My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer 18 years ago, she had a lumpectomy, then it reoccurred and she ended up having a mastectomy. For multitudes of health issues, she passed in 2005. I am sure that cancer did play its role but not the full reason for her passing..I miss her so much. Then 2 years ago, by beautiful sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has just recently been given an all clear for now and is currently cancer free. YAY!!!
With lots of prayers and love and tons of HOPE she has made it so far and is doing wonderfully...
Sooo...I dedicate my ZIA to my mother and my sister. May we have enough Hope and love for everyone in our loves to make is just one more day,each and every day of our lives.
( I know this isn't a tangle but I want to share)

(guilty of using Google to look up BC ribbon icons. I found these and redid them myself so these are not my own designs. unfortunately I cannot give proper credit to who they belong to but just so you know they are not my own..)