Saturday, March 19, 2011

left is not always right

I did it.
I finished.
It isn't pretty, by far...but not as bad as when I first started.
So there you have it..Non dominate drawing. shakey lines and all.
and this week made me realize just how much we get ourselves in a rut in our lives and how much we rely on our dominate hands to work and do everyday things. and just how hard it is to make a change when we are used to doing things a certain way. 
I failed miserably at trying to do things with my non dominate hand..simply because I am right handed and ..well that's it. my right hand does it better.  


  1. this is really quite beautiful. look at it again at arm's length and marvel at what you did with your "other" hand. I think this is pretty cool.... Maria

  2. Thank you so much Maria. It means alot coming from the zentangle goddess herself.
    It was difficult and I didn't like it when I fist started, but as I progressed I started to slow down and think about each pattern and it turned out better than I expected.
    as always...Happy tangling..J