Wednesday, March 16, 2011

nothing comfortable about coming out of the comfort zone.

Ok...I did it!! I used my non dominate hand my cat!!lol really..that is the best I have done so far this week.  I really didn't realize just how much we are in a rut when it comes to useing dominate hands to do every day things. It is more difficult than it seems.
The more I try to come out of my comfort zone the harder it becomes. I have been thinking alot about this.

I reach for my remote control with my left hand.....then....take it into my right hand!
Even as I have been working on my tile for this weeks challenge, I take my pen into my left hand, I start a pattern, look at it and then try to "fix" it using my right hand. Well that's not going to cut it now. We cannot have any of that no, can we? Oh my!

It is amazing just how much we rely on our own dominance and the way things work for us. If it doesn't work, we won't do it. So I am going to consciuosly make an effort to comeout of my comfort zone once in awhile..Like pet my cat with my left hand a little more..hahaha

well I think I have almst finished my tile for this challenge so I will be posting it soon.
I just had to rant a little.

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