Sunday, February 20, 2011

Diva challenge Week#9 "Artoo"

I am slow at posting this weeks challenge.And boy was it a challenge for me. I had a hard time with this one. I could not make it look right. I felt like it kept looking like a very messy child drawing..scribbles so to speak. but I kept plugging a long and I think finally made something worth posting.
I did one little tile first.and then kept going.
I traced tiles into my drawing book and had six on a page...not really going anywhere I started with my first tile. Trying to get this Artoo looking right. then I remembered a quote I had seen in the past and felt that it fit.

I am feeling very sentimental anyway.You see I have a son who is a senior in high school this year. He has grown up way to fast. He came to us a few weeks ago with his idea that he felt ready to move on..this I mean, he had earned enough credits to graduate. Oh my! I am feeling overwhelmed now.  My only child will graduate a whole 3months early from high school. He is done from high school on the 25th of February.
So I guess this weeks challenge is sort of a tribute to my "baby".


  1. thanks so much.. I was worried about this weeks challenge...

  2. Nice work! Wishing you luck with the empty nest a the Bird House.

  3. @Melinda..i keep telling him he can never leave us.

  4. Whispering beauty lives in an open heart

  5. thank you everyone. I really did have a hard time with this challenge. I felt inferior with my work this time.. but decided to post anyway..

  6. beautiful work!
    I can't imagine my boys old enough to be graduating and leaving home... hugs to you!

    also, my word verification was 'degrad'... isn't that weird?

  7. Thank you.
    Believe me, it is hard to imagine that my baby is old enough to be this old. He is an only child and I cant imagine going through this more than once.
    Laura, thank you for all the time and effort you put into each weeks challenge and enjoy every single moment you have with your precious babies.I am sure you do.

  8. I just gave you an award! Love your blog!