Monday, March 14, 2011

Week 13 challenge~ using non dominate hand

Ok Diva.. really gone out on the crazy train with this one.
This weeks challenge is to create the tangle using your non-dominate hand...wiggly lines and oval circles and all that craziness. Ummm.....this is going to be interesting. Seeing the few that have posted already, i can do this.

So, makes ya think...just how much of our lives we can interchange and go out of our comfort zones for?
Thats it...go out of your comfort zone for once. Make life interesting and change it up. Yea, that's what this is about..change it up a bit and make it interesting. Surprise yourself with what you can do if you really put your mind(and heart) into it. So with all that..I am off to use my non dominate hand to make me some lunch and give it a try at my ZIA. This should be interestin. We'll see what this week brings as I try this in many other aspects of my world as I think about this weeks challenge, I am going to challenge myself to use my non dominate hand at other things outside my comfort zone.

Will report my findings later.....until then......Keep it real. and keep smiling. :~)

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