Wednesday, February 2, 2011

these are some more zentangles I created.
The first picture is the new struzzle.
The next one is a challenge that the local czt gave at the county fair. make a string then do the same tangle in each space. this one was kind of fun to see just how different it can be yet the same...

third is my original desing for the challenge "Orbs". I didn't really like it for the challenge, but decided to add it here.
fourth: these two are inspired by some catalog pictures. they are a wall hanging and a clock, I recreated as a tangle.
fifth: Ixorus...this is what I did at the local library zentangle group last week.
last: I made these flowers, there are six designs. I photo copied them, cut them out and glued to pipe cleaner to make flowers. I used them as a cake topper for a friends briadal shower. they were the hit of the party. but silly me..i forgot to take pictures of the creation.

well..there you have it.. this is at this point all of my zentangles or zentangle inspired creations.
feel free to use any of these designs as inpsiration for you. and I do give my permission to copy any you  wish for your own use.