Friday, June 24, 2011

Mater is alive and well in Utah

I love Mater!! He was hanging out at one of the local movie theatres for the opening of Cars 2.
I thought I'd share with you all...
Have a great weekend my dear tangle friends

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I am back! Onto the next challenge. Zendala's

I have been doing the weekly challenges,, But really books and tiles are downstairs and the computer is upstairs..just to lazy to make the transition to get them up to the computer to scan so Ican post. This weeks challenge, I happen to be at the computer and printed the template.I was having one of my insomniac moments so i took out my colored pencils and did this weeks challenge right at my computer desk. And Wahlah!!! I can scan it as well. Sooooo...... without further Adeu.....
May I present...
                     my Zendala....

I started out with the template for the 3" size. butleft it on the full 8x10 sheet . not knowing where it was going to take me, I drew.....When it was done, i felt liek it wasn't finished, so..Mooka joined in and gave it the finish i felt it needed....I love Mooka!!!!!!


Graduation 2011

WHEW! We survived, not only did my baby graduate from high school, he also graduated from the local TEchnical College with a welding certificate.
(pics lt to rt: Myself, my son and my husband, My son's high school graduation photo, my son with his college welding instructor).
The great thing about all of this that he can go on and look for a welding job right out of high school, instead of having to go to college now. i so wish Ihad these kinds of opportunites while Iwas in high school..I am so very proud of my son. he is awesome and i wish him the best in wherever life take him.
My congradulations to everyone who graduted in 2011. WOOOHOOOO!!!!

The art of Zentangle - - The Vernal Express

So, here in good 'ol Vernal Utah, our local CZT holds a group get together once a month at the local library. The local newspaper comes out once a week on Wednesdays. a few months ago a reporter came to one of our groups and took pictures and interviewed several of us. I had actually almost forgotten about it until the paper came out today and I saw my tangle on the front page. We also have an online epaper. And guess what ?.... the article is there as well, so i wanted to share it.
Click on the link and it will take you right to it.(ans yes they spelled my name wrong, but that's ok. I am used to it)
The art of Zentangle - - The Vernal Express