Friday, February 11, 2011

Zentangle flowers

Center pieces I made for a bridal shower of a good friend of mine
I created this wedding cake out of bath towels, hand towels and washcloths and decorated it with silk flowers and zentangled flowers.
I took two bath towels and folder them in half lenghtwise then in half again and started rolling the first towel then overlapped the second one and continued rolling. I secured it with a ribbon.  The next layer was two hand towels that I rolled the same way. I took a styrofoam ring and wrapped ribbon around it and placed in on top then fan folded the washcloths and placed them inside the ring. I then added the silk flowers and the zentangle flowers(previous post) to decorate the whole cake. The cake is very easy to disassemble so that all components are usable.
It was a great centerpices and gift as well.
The zentangle flowers I created by making six designs then photo copying them to the amount I needed. I cut them out and attached them to pipe cleaner. real easy to do.

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