Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Where have I been??????

Oh the horrors of life. LOL
I have been doing each weeks Diva challenge,,then I get lazy and forget to post them. Well, here is the lazy part.... My drawing stuff is downstairs and the computer is upstairs...when I go up, I forget or too lazy to carry, the stuff upstairs to the computer so I can download. So one day this week I plan on adding All of the challenges I have missed again. The sad thing it is Wednesday and I haven;t even looked at this weeks challenge yet!! BAD ME!!!!!! Well. my life has been turned upside down these past few weeks. I am getting ready for a high school graduation and we also found out that my son will also participate in the Technical College graduation and besides his high school diploma, he will be receiving his Welding Certificate from the Technical College. so my son will graduate from high school with a college degree as well. What a great way to end his high school experience. But the even better part is that he actually finished all of his credits two months ago and was actually able to graduate high school early. so he has been working full time since February. Makes a  mother proud. I am so happy. Now the sad part...he is my only child and this also means that he if growing up. And with all that.. in reality could be leaving the nest...(pun intended since our last name is Bird). That is  the part that I don't want to see,,yet, but I know will happen. I do want to see him succeed, but I also don't want him to leave. Aw the torment of being a close family.
Well, enough I my ranting for today.
I will be posting my missing tangles here in the next few days.
I do want to tell everyone that I have enjoyed all of your work as well. and I really do find it inspirational to see everyone else's twist on each weeks challenge. I have enjoyed becoming a part of this tangle community and the friendships we have created.  Thanks all for sharing.
Until next time my friends