Thursday, June 9, 2011

I am back! Onto the next challenge. Zendala's

I have been doing the weekly challenges,, But really books and tiles are downstairs and the computer is upstairs..just to lazy to make the transition to get them up to the computer to scan so Ican post. This weeks challenge, I happen to be at the computer and printed the template.I was having one of my insomniac moments so i took out my colored pencils and did this weeks challenge right at my computer desk. And Wahlah!!! I can scan it as well. Sooooo...... without further Adeu.....
May I present...
                     my Zendala....

I started out with the template for the 3" size. butleft it on the full 8x10 sheet . not knowing where it was going to take me, I drew.....When it was done, i felt liek it wasn't finished, so..Mooka joined in and gave it the finish i felt it needed....I love Mooka!!!!!!



  1. Very pretty. I also like the colors.

  2. thank you! I usually don't use colored pencils, but that's what was at my turned out better than I expected...but I am still going to do another with the proper pens...

  3. Gorgeous! I love all the Mooka extensions!

  4. thanks.I am hooked on Mooka so it finds its way into almost all of my drawings now.LOL

  5. Love all that Mooka! This is very soft and beautiful.