Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Diva challenge Monday November 7, 2011

This weeks challenge is to honour Canada's Remembrance Day. They honour the Fallen soldiers on Nov 11. USA Honors the Armed Forces Veterans in November as well. Canada's remembrance day uses the poppy as a symbol.
In looking and trying to decide how to do this challenge, brings back floods of memories for me. For one, the big red poppies that grew along the side of my childhood home. I used to get into tons of trouble as a child with those big red flowers. they were so enticing and I picked so many that I am still wondering how they still grew more each year. The pods that grew before the flower popped open were quite intriguing to me as well. My mother would get after me for picking her poppies as well as irises, roses, lilacs, buttercups and honeysuckle...oh yea the pussy willows as well. My mother loved flowers and had quite the array in our yard. but thinking back, I can understand why, my grandparents grew flowers by the grundles. They had an acre of land that had flowers, trees, and the most delicious garden I remember, so it stands to reason that my mother would have them in our yard as well. So, In doing this challenge, I dedicate it to the many flowers grown by mothers everywhere, and the childhood memories they incur.

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