Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Out of my comfort zone

Really trying hard to come out of my comfort zone and go forward with the Diva's challenge this week to use non dominate hand. I even tried it while at work last night..that didn't last long. I hadn't really thought much about it durin the evening until I was vacuuming the lobby. And i started thinking.."What am I doing? I could really try this here and now." So instead of vacuuming with my right(dominate) hand, I started to use my left hand. Well that lasted..oh maybe two seconds. I subconsiously reverted back to my normality and finished doing it the way I normally do. Then I realized what I had done and failed miserably at keeping to my self challenge of trying to use my non dominate hand. I have decided that I can never break my right arm because i cant use my left too well. This morning, I have tried to begin my ZIA. And ... well....that started out so great. I used my right hand to draw the box. but I did stop myself and used my left to draw the string and I did succeed at filling in two small...(very small) areas before I stopped and now I am whining a little. I do, however. like the wavy lines that I produced, without even trying.
So, for now I am sitting here staring at my pen ad tile. Wondering if I will finish this challenge. i find it extremely difficult to grasp the pen, then to try to do any pattern..well..that is almost worse.
I will plug on..this one may take me all week. I am struggling to do this weeks challenge.
 but I will persevere and see what I end with.
Happy Tangling.


  1. Hang in there, kiddo! Just as "one stroke at a time" works, so does "one task at a time"....

  2. Oh you are sooo right about that...."one task at a time"
    this challenge has had me doing alot of thinking. Yep that is the smoke you may smell..haha.