Friday, January 21, 2011

Starting Over

A little frustrated right now.
For some reason, google disabed my blog and my email. So i had to jump through hopos to reset it all and NOW my old blog is totally missing and I cannot access it.  It took me quite awhile to figure it  out and get it looking good and Now I have to totally start over.. SO ANGRY!! but with everything else I will stand tall   move one and get it going again!!!


  1. I'm sorry for you loss of blog. That CANNOT be fun!
    I'm glad you started over and I can be a follower!

  2. Leslie, thank you for becoming a follower.I was so frustrated the other day when I had found that myblog and email had been was extremely streesing me out to go through it all to get back
    but alas , i muddled through and made it and back on..I have most of my picsa back on , but some of my previous posts are gone, thats ok there were some that its ok that they are gone..just me venting on things that went on my

    anyway. thank you again... happy tangling!!!