Thursday, January 27, 2011

More Zentangle inspired designs I have done

This, I did from a photo taken in NYC. It is found on the web blog. I recreated the photo using different tanlges.

This I did using pink and brown pens. I made this one for a friend. I created the circles by using a CD. then added the "petals" after.

I used this flower to create a centerpiece for a bridal shower. I tangled in each petal and then photo copied the flowers.cut them out and glued them to pipe cleaner then made the display. Unfortunately, I didnt get a photo of the display..silly me!!

I created this tangle after i learned the "pokeleaf" tangle.then embellished and actually made a Valentines Card using this design.


  1. thank you very much. Ilove to tangle..I currently am working on some small wooden beads that I am tangling on...very difficult as the size makes it so. but I will post them when done.