Saturday, March 19, 2016

I have been absent for a long time.
I have been busy working and building a home based business over the past years.
I am an Independent consultant for ThirtyOne Gifts
 my website is
I am an Independent Distributor for IN A PIKLE
 my facebook page is
 and I have recently became an Independent Consultant for Scentsy.
 my website is
Please check them out and contact me if you have any questions, would like to order or host a party or event! I do fundraisers, gift registry or bulk orders.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Diva challenge Monday November 7, 2011

This weeks challenge is to honour Canada's Remembrance Day. They honour the Fallen soldiers on Nov 11. USA Honors the Armed Forces Veterans in November as well. Canada's remembrance day uses the poppy as a symbol.
In looking and trying to decide how to do this challenge, brings back floods of memories for me. For one, the big red poppies that grew along the side of my childhood home. I used to get into tons of trouble as a child with those big red flowers. they were so enticing and I picked so many that I am still wondering how they still grew more each year. The pods that grew before the flower popped open were quite intriguing to me as well. My mother would get after me for picking her poppies as well as irises, roses, lilacs, buttercups and honeysuckle...oh yea the pussy willows as well. My mother loved flowers and had quite the array in our yard. but thinking back, I can understand why, my grandparents grew flowers by the grundles. They had an acre of land that had flowers, trees, and the most delicious garden I remember, so it stands to reason that my mother would have them in our yard as well. So, In doing this challenge, I dedicate it to the many flowers grown by mothers everywhere, and the childhood memories they incur.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Diva is having a big giveaway

link over to see what and how you can join the giveaway.

diva challenge~ halloween themed zia

so this week the challenge was to do a ZIA that has a Halloween theme. Well. i had already started a tangle using Halibaugh only with curvy lines and I just kept turning my tile..and i hadnt quite finished it when this challenge came out so I knew what i had to do to finish..I embellished with halloween items and added everything behind the curvy lines. enjoy!!
I hope everyone had a safe and fun halloween.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Thirty One Gifts.

I love purses and bags and totes. Oh MY!.
I found a company that I just love and I want to share. I am trying to earn to get my kit so I can start selling the product.
The company is Thirty One Gifts.
I am doing an online catalog party. to view the complete catalog go to

for the month of November for every $31 you spend you can get the Little Carry all caddy(itme 3401) for $1. this sells for $12 regular. it can be found on page 36.
the orders that are placed for me, will go towards me earning my kit so I can become a consultant. So please feel free to pass the word. you can email me at
if you have nay questions. Thanks bunches!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

I am puzzled about Punzel!

I had a hard time with this weeks diva challenge. Punzel. wow. I fell into a deep horrific well and felt like i couldn't get this one right. I know there are no mistakes with "Zentangle" but i mistaked all over the place.. but I pulled up mu big girl panties and am posting this one anyway. i do not fell good about this one. Inferior is more like it.
So..with that in mind..I present to you my version of punzel..

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Diva challenge: Sunflower

I so love sunflowers. they are in my house and all over in my community. They are bright and beautiful.
This weeks challenge is to create a ZIA using sunflowers in honor of the South Africa Bone Marrow Registry for Lukemia patients. Also South Africa had Bandans Day on Oct 12. Soo, I used this as my inspiration.. I am creating my own bandana with sunflowers. (not yet finished but showing the main part of it here)
I plan on adding several more sunflowers all over the material. I found some fabric markers put out by Sharpie that I used.